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YTINIFNI PICTURES  is a leading independent motion picture development, finance, production, distribution and international sales company; based in Los Angeles, California USA with offices in Shanghai, UK, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo and Bogota. YTINIFNI PICTURES is managed by a very experienced team with more than 60 years of combined experience in the development, finance, production, packaging, distribution and licensing of IPs, features films, animations, and TV series.


“YTINIFNI PICTURES integrates investment, research and development, production and distribution in a way our partners feel save working with us.
Bottom line: we mitigate risk by using various financing vehicles and distribution strategies”


Our team of financiers are highly interested on: Acquisition of  Worldwide Distribution Rights, Bridge Loans, Completion Loans, Discounting of Pre-Sale
Contracts, Tax Rebate Backed Investments, Gap Financing, Literary Rights Development and Equity


BELOW Limited  list  of  productions  in  various  stages  of development, PRE-production & production


YTINIFNI PICTURES does physical Theatrical, Home Entertainment, TV, New Media and Merchandise Distribution in the USA and Canada. We are in direct contact with bookers for all major and small theater chains. We deal with all national retailers to place any DVD, Music CD,  Blue Ray, Book, Merchandise, etc. YTINIFNI PICTURES is in constant contact with all TV networks, stations and syndicators. Our very talented teams design, and create full marketing strategies to negotiate and book best deals with theater owners. We create amazing packaged DVDs and BLUE-RAYs. We design and create Toys and any other kind of merchandise, and technology the project needs in order to achieve great success.


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